Mobile Snoezelen® Room campaign


The NSDRC has launched a capital campaign to create Canada’s first mobile multi-sensory environment. Instead of medicating our kids to calm or engage them, let’s stimulate their senses instead. Help us get NSDRC’s Mobile Snoezelen® Room on the road!

“My son is taken by school bus to a Snoezelen® Room once a week. He really enjoys the room and it helps him to self-regulate as the aide can work with him in this non-distractive and calm environment. A mobile Snoezelen® Room that would come to the school is a great idea!” Martina Lange

Making sense of our senses

Sight. Sound. Touch. Smell. Taste. The world is full of sensory stimuli and we don’t all respond in the same way. Some of us struggle to find ways to make sense of, balance, and regulate our physical, cognitive, emotional and social responses to what’s going on in our lives.

a young boy crawls in a dimly lit multi sensory room

About multi-sensory environments

Multi-sensory environments are safe and relaxing spaces, designed to stimulate the senses. Appropriate for all ages and abilities, these environments can be customized with a multi-sensory or single-sensory focus, depending on the user. Gentle light, soothing sound, relaxing smells and touch can calm the agitated and anxious; exciting visuals, music, sounds and touch can engage and stimulate the passive and withdrawn.

Why a Snoezelen® Room on wheels?

Working for a community for all. It’s our mission and the drive behind what we do. A Mobile Snoezelen® Room will enable us to deliver multi-sensory experiences and therapies to individuals in the Lower Mainland who may not be able to make it to a multi-sensory room at a fixed location. Instead of people coming to us, we’ll bring sensory experiences to them, for individual therapy, community programming, and more.

Our journey to Snoezelen® started with our kids

From the beginning, we wanted a multi-sensory environment on the North Shore to support the children and young people with whom we work. They face all manner of cognitive conditions and challenges, including Autism, learning disabilities, brain injuries, anxiety, lack of self-control, inability to focus, and practice of unsafe behaviours, including self-harming. These children and young people will be the biggest beneficiary of a Mobile Snoezelen® Room, offering each the opportunity to engage their senses in ways that are most appropriate and meaningful to them.

“A lot of people, especially small kids in need, will benefit from a Mobile Snoezelen® Room. We have donated to this campaign and look forward to getting NSDRC’s multi-sensory environment on the road.“ Michelle & Edward Du

It's not just the NSDRC that benefits

A true community resource: that’s our vision for our Mobile Snoezelen® Room. We want to see our multi-sensory environment on wheels be used by the elderly, children and young adults in schools and day cares, patients and staff in hospitals and care facilities, members of our first-responders community, and even people working in corporate environments.


The opportunity to benefit from our multi-sensory environment lies anywhere where people experience anxiety and stress and need a space to relax and ground themselves. This is a resource on wheels, and we’ll travel to share it with others across the Lower Mainland.

Help us put our Mobile Snoezlen® Room on the road!

We need the support of individual donors and corporate sponsors to get our Mobile Snoezelen® Room on the road to benefit more than 4,000 children, young people, and adults on the North Shore and beyond.

To find out more about corporate sponsorship, contact Marc Bourne at 604-880-4733 or marcb (at)

thank you to our sponsors

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