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Our Information and Advocacy Program is a resource for information about programs and services for people with disabilities, their caregivers and families. We serve people of any age, with any disability.


We also help people to complete forms and applications, and advocate for you when things don’t turn out as they should. Please call us right away if your application has been denied – we can help with Persons With Disabilities (PWD) reconsiderations and find help for your Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPPD) appeal.

We help with information about income support programs like Persons with Disability benefits and Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits, explaining how the programs work, and helping with forms. Call us before filling out the forms. You will have a better chance of qualifying if you are assisted by an advocate.


We help you find housing by helping with BC Housing, non-profit, and co-op housing applications, and other housing-related programs, such as accessibility funding, that you might be eligible for.


We help you access education and employment programs in your community – for children, youth and adults – and help with forms and applications.


We help with transitions from youth services at the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to adult services such as Community Living BC (CLBC).


We help with equipment - adaptive devices and other equipment.

Service is provided by telephone, email or in-person appointments. Please note we will need access to the personal information required to complete forms and applications. We respect your privacy and keep your information strictly confidential.


For more information, please contact:
Gillian Burns, Resource Assistant at 604-904-4085.

frequently asked questions


What geographic areas do you provide service?

We provide service to people who live in the City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver and the District of West Vancouver.

What services do you provide to clients with disabilities?

We can assist with applying for Provincial Disability benefits (Persons With Disability application), Canada Pension Plan Disability application (Federal Disability benefits), BC Housing Applications and other housing application forms for affordable housing programs. We can help with Canadian Disability Tax Credit applications, Fuel Tax Refund Applications. We can assist with reconsiderations for Persons With Disability (PWD) benefits.


What is Persons With Disabilities (PWD) benefits?
PWD is a disability benefit with the Province of BC's Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction. Those approved for PWD receive for monthly income support and other medical benefits.

How do I apply for Persons With Disabilities (PWD) benefits?
People with disabilities do not automatically qualify for disability benefits. It can take a week or more to go through the Initial income Assistance (welfare) application and submit the necessary documents. You need to show you are financially eligible for disability assistance or are likely to be eligible in the near future, before the Ministry of Social Development & Poverty Reduction will give you a PWD application form.

What is the maximum asset limit for PWD benefits?
Those on PWD can have up to $100,000 in cash assets. In addition to the $100,000, some other assets are allowed, such as your home and one vehicle of any value. Money saved in a Registered Disability Savings Plan is also exempt and does not count towards the $100,000 cash asset limit.

How do I apply for Income Assistance?
If you are in need and have no other resources, you may be eligible for Income Assistance. It is also necessary to apply for Income Assistance in order to access an application for Persons With Disabilities benefits.

  • The first step in applying for Income Assistance is to go to this link and create an account with My Self Serve. If you need help with your application, contact the Ministry at 1-866-866-0800.
  • For more detailed information on the process for applying for Income Assistance for people with disabilities go to this link.
  • You can also phone and speak to one of our advocates at 604-985-5371.


What is Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPP-D) Benefits?
CPP Disability is a monthly Federal Government benefit for those who have a disabling condition that regularly prevents them from doing any type of substantially gainful employment.

Am I eligible for CPP Disability benefits?
To quality for CPP-D you must be under 65 years of age and have worked and contributed to CPP for a certain amount of time. You also must have a "severe and prolonged" disability as defined in the CPP legislation.

What is the Disability Tax Credit?
The Disability Tax Credit (DTC) is a Canada Revenue Agency designation for disability. The DTC helps people with disabilities (or the people who support them) reduce the amount of income tax they have to pay. It is also necessary to be approved for the DTC in order to open a Registered Disability Savings Plan.


If you're a parent of a child under 18 with a disability, you may also be entitled to a supplementary amount called the “Child Disability Benefit,” which is a tax-free monthly payment. To be eligible, you or the person you support, must have a severe impairment in physical or mental functioning. The impairment must last for at least 12 months.


The DTC application is available at How to apply - Disability tax credit (DTC) -


Do you assist with housing evictions and legal issues?

No, we are not able to assist with housing evictions or legal issues, but we can make referrals to legal aid programs.


Does your program have any age restrictions?

No, we can assist any person with a disability who lives within our geographic boundaries to access programs and benefits. If we are not able to assist with your issue, we will help you connect with an appropriate referral if it is available.




“The NSDRC's Information and Advocacy program is a vital service for people like me in the community who have limited means and are facing disabling illnesses while having to deal with a difficult and specialized appeal processes for disability benefits.” V.S. client


"The advocate who assisted me listened while I outlined my complex medical condition and then reassured me that he could help me with the application. For any person with a disability, the Information and Advocacy Services program provides an invaluable resource." S.M. client


"At the Seniors One Stop (SOS) program at North Shore Community Resources, we have volunteers and staff that support seniors with information and resources in the community. We have seen an increase both in phone calls and walk ins from clients living with disabilities needing help with forms and information on programs available to them. Our staff and volunteers are comforted to know they can call North Shore Disability Resource Centre for advice, resources and referral to ensure clients are receiving the most up to date and accurate information." Kathy Jarvis, Coordinator, Seniors One Stop

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