2022 - 2025





This strategic plan has its roots in a process that began before the COVID-19 pandemic; yet the pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to assess our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


As we worked at the board level and with management to explore these areas, it became clear that we are an organization poised for evolutionary growth. The challenges are real; the opportunities are exciting.




We have worked to develop a strategic plan that is achievable and aspirational. We will build on what we already do well while we work toward becoming best-in-class in all areas of our operations.




Our goal is to be recognized by our key stakeholders – employees, participants and families, and funding partners – as the standard-setter in our field.



We cannot do the work we believe in without a sustainable operation. Our goal is to be a preferred work environment for employees across all areas of the organization.

i: organizational integration

  • improve cross-functional and cross-departmental collaboration and communication
  • actively look for opportunities for staff at all levels of the organization to share expertise and knowledge with each other
  • develop opportunities for managers across the organization to have face-to-face opportunities for collaboration
  • get people together more frequently

II: people-focused HR programs

  • continue to improve recruitment and training programs
  • actively pursue opportunities to keep abreast of best-in-class practices in these areas
  • ensure employees have the technology they need to do their jobs well
  • develop mentorship programs
  • develop ongoing employee communication programs that meet their information needs and improve their ability to be engaged with the organization

III: systems improvement


  • review systems needs at the organizational / departmental level and establish plan to improve systems infrastructure; leverage technology where it makes sense to improve service delivery and communication

iV: fiscal responsibility

  • continue our strong accounting competency
  • work toward developing improved financial forecasting capabilities with the goal of setting short-term and long-term financial strategies
  • work proactively with funding partners to develop service and programming opportunities
  • maintain a focus on fiscal responsibility

V: build an engaged membership

  • improve ongoing communication with membership
  • when mandated health protections ease, look for opportunities to engage members in in-person activities

VI: enhanced board capacity


  • work with our board on governance and advocacy training to ensure we are continuing to advocate with key stakeholders on behalf of our participants and families

focus area #2: community-based services

Our goal is to improve our community-based program offerings to better meet the needs of participants across their lifecycle.

i: enhance our Infant Development Program


We are the only agency on the North Shore providing services to this age group and their families.

  • how can we work with funding partners to expand services;
  • explore hybrid service delivery models to determine where technology can help meet service gaps

develop program for 3-5 age group

  • work with community partners to develop programming for this age group
  • leverage expertise from IDP where it makes sense
  • explore hybrid services delivery models to determine where technology can help meet service gaps

III: continue to transition teen programming to robust services based on skills development

  • ensure programs and services for this age group are based on data
  • strategic planning and proactive; explore hybrid services delivery models to determine where technology can help meet service gaps

iV: continued expansion of the stage and adult life skills programs

v: work to better engage employees

  • acknowledged challenges in this area include many part-time staff and out-of-the-ordinary work hours
  • develop and deliver targeted training and mentorship opportunities to improve staff retention

focus area #3: community housing and inclusion programs

Our goal is to be the service delivery agency of choice for supported and independent housing on the North Shore.

i: shift from property management to service delivery


  • build on our strength in service delivery for people with disabilities who require housing – particularly for those with medical needs
  • work with community partners (government, families and developers) to become the service delivery agency of choice for supported and independent housing

ii: review scope of service delivery


  • consider expanding the population we are helping – mental health, complex behavioural issues

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The NSDRC was started by a group of families in 1976. In the years since, we have worked for a "Community for All" by developing and providing community housing, infant development programs, youth groups, community-based services, and information and advocacy.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work, live and play on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples, including the territories of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.