CBS Employee Self Feedback

Employee Performance Review

Please complete the form below to provide an assessment on how You view your job performance. Your input will be discussed with your program manager at your performance review meeting.

Please provide your email address to receive a copy for your records.

You must select at least one manager. If you work for more than one manager, please select all boxes that apply.
Please use the following Rating System: 1-Needs Improvement 2-Satisfactory 3-Good
1-Needs Improvement - Performance consistently does not meet position requirements: eg. difficulty setting priorities or attaining goals; does only what is asked; difficulty working with others; slow to grasp understanding of duties; work requires constant follow-up; results fall short of requirements.
2-Satisfactory - Performance consistently meets position requirements: eg. meets job responsibilities; attains goals; works well with others; results meet requirements.
3-Good - Performance consistently exceeds position requirements: eg. motivated to get work done and done well; shows initiative; takes on new tasks and added responsibilities; results usually exceed requirements.
1. Job Knowledge
Possesses and demonstrates an understanding of the work instructions as per job description. Possesses the practical and technical knowledge required of the job.
2. Work Quality
Work is completed as per job description and Policy and procedures.
3. Attendance/Punctuality
Flexes work schedule depending on work requirements. Meets attendance requirements. Willingness to work overtime as required.
4. Initiative/Creativity
Creatively implements job tasks, problem solves, suggests ideas to find new and better ways of meeting goals and outcomes.
5. Interpersonal Relationships/Communication/Listening Skills
Is willing and demonstrates the ability to cooperate, work and communicate with co-workers, management, participants and their networks and external contacts. Accepts and responds to change in a positive and professional manner. Accepts job assignments and additional duties willingly, takes responsibility for own performance and job assignments.
6. Adherence to Policy
Follows policies and procedures. Complies with and follows all safety rules and regulations.
I have reviewed and updated outstanding and expired requirements as required.
Check employee profile on Sharevision. Provide copies of missing or updated certificates to Program Manager.
I understand and agree that the information provided through this form will be included with my performance review.
To receive a copy of your responses, please provide your email address.

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The NSDRC was started by a group of families in 1976. In the years since, we have worked for a "Community for All" by developing and providing community housing, infant development programs, youth groups, community-based services, and information and advocacy.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work, live and play on the unceded territory of the Coast Salish Peoples, including the territories of Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.