Rights and Responsibilities

The participant or the parent or guardian of someone we support has rights and responsibilities.  These rights and responsibilities are outlined below so you know what to expect of the NSDRC and what the NSDRC can expect of you.  We ask you sign the document.

Your rights as a participant at the North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC) are:

  1. You have the same rights as those in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the BC Human Rights Code.

This information is explained in detail in your Program Handbook.

  1. You have the right to information about you or your child and your involvement with the agency.

All records about you or your child are yours to view.  Reports will be shared only with you or those you have allowed.  You also have a right to be informed about other services offered by the North Shore Disability Resource Centre or other benefits or services available in the larger community.  Program Managers will be happy to share any information you ask for.

You have the right to information to help you make the best choices and decisions for yourself.  You have the right to ask for help to look at possible risks your choices or decisions may pose.

  1. You have the right to privacy

If you are 19 years are over you have the right to decide who will receive or give information about you.  If you are a child, your parent or guardian has this right on your behalf.  If you or your child is being hurt by someone or if they are putting someone else or themselves at risk, then we need to break your privacy and tell someone.  You will be given a “Consent to Obtain/Release Information Form” to sign, giving us this permission

  1. You have the right to advise the NSDRC of any concerns regarding the services you are receiving.

Please tell the person providing your direct services or their Program Manager about anything you are unhappy with.  If, however, you do not find this process helpful, we have included information about our “Complaints Procedure” in this package.  Your Program Manager can explain this process and the appropriate steps

Your responsibilities as a participant at the NSDRC are:

  1. We ask that you participate in the planning of your services through our annual Person Focused Plan (PFP) process.  Even if you do not have a formal PFP you still need to let people who work with you know what you need to feel satisfied with your service.
  2. We ask that you inform us of any specific health concerns you may have and any changes to your health.  If you are a parent, you must give us permission to administer medications to your child.
  3. We ask that you inform us of any needs you may have for accessibility or accommodations.  For example sign language, audio tapes, an interpreter etc.
  4. We ask that you let us know if you are not satisfied with your services either through the “Complaints Procedure” or in our annual satisfaction survey.
  5. We ask that you communicate any significant changes in you or in your family’s situation that may have an effect on you or your child’s care.
  6. When you leave the program we ask that you be involved in an “Exit Interview” that will help us to assess and improve our services.
  7. We ask that you allow us to contact you for a “Follow up Interview” approximately 6 months after you leave a service that will help us to assess and improve our services.
  8. If you participate in a Community Based Program we ask that you attend as scheduled.  If for some reason you are unable to attend a program, we ask that you let us know within 24 hours if canceling an activity.
Rights and Responsibilities
I confirm agreement with the rights and responsibilities as outlined above: *
If participant is under 19 years of age, or if necessary to confirm understanding

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